5 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Blogging

I recently moved BloggerListed from blogger.com to my own hosting with WordPress.  For one, it was worth the switch!  If you are looking for flexibility and customization for your blog, this is the best place to start.  So far, I have tried all the plugins possible to enhance my blog.  I have added and removed quite a few, and the primary five WordPress plugins for bogging  I’ve found are:

  1. AddThis – A social bookmarking plugin that covers anything and everything your readers use to share their content and yours.  If you see the little Twitter and Google Plus icons at the top of my posts, you can try out this plugin and see if it’ll work for you.
  2. Blogger Importer – Migrating a blog one post at a time seemed unrealistic and likely not worth the hassle at first glance.  With this simple plugin, I was able to import all of my old posts and content from my blogger account.  I highly recommend you re-use whatever content you can, and this is one simple way to do it.
  3. Foter – This free stock photos plugin allows you to search through hundreds of thousands of stock photos that you can use in your posts.  I wouldn’t recommend using Google image search to find images for your posts, as you will likely come across copyright issues.  Try this plugin out and see if it covers all your image needs!
  4. Pingler – This free plugin helps ping numerous online blogs to notify them of any changes or new posts you make.  There is a paid version that allows more directories and submissions per day, but so far I’ve noticed that the free one covers the necessary ones and in a short period of time.  Note that you are limited to three pings per day with the free edition of Pingler, but most blogs don’t post more than that each day anyways.
  5. WordPress SEO – WordPress SEO by Yoast is a must have SEO tool for your new or existing blog.  Before you post, SEO by Yoast prompts you for keywords, title adjustments, and much more to ensure your post meets SEO requirements.  If you are missing something, it will mark the missing element with a red X so you can clearly see what adjustments need to be made.  I don’t think I’ll ever post again without seeing the green light from this tool, and hopefully you’ll pick up on it too!

Obviously WordPress comes with thousands of plugins to work with, but you should make sure to at least have these 5 must have wordpress plugins for blogging if you are serious about using the software.  These tools have already helped me improve my posts, and assist with sharing my advice with other social media networks on the web.  If you have any suggestions for plugins, please post below and I’ll check them out!

This Week in the News – Top 5 Topics



I am going to step away from my typical posts today to bring up a few subjects in the news that most of the nation can relate to over the past few days. There have been a few huge updates in technology, as well as some interesting info from the music industry.  Below is a list of a few things that might interest you:


  1. Microsoft Announced a Windows 8 Tablet - Today, Microsoft made a surprise announcement (many of you on Twitter probably heard the “breaking news” via a tweet earlier today) that they are going to be releasing a series of “Surface Pro” tablets.  These are going to be strong competitors in the market against the iPad and Android Tablet.  I feel that it will come down to the Windows 8 software, as it always does with tech at that level.
  2. Apple Released an Expensive New MacBook Pro with “Retina Display” - The new display is supposed to be crystal clear and make reading, as well as moving objects, easier on the eyes.  I personally couldn’t justify buying it for just this reason, especially at the 2k+ price tag.  However,  if you can afford the “Mac Tax” on this one, I’d be interested in hearing your review to compare with CNET’s, linked above.
  3. Another Court-Issued Block Against The Pirate Bay – If you haven’t seen the news on this already, and live in the UK, hopefully you don’t depend on The Pirate Bay for your torrents.  I’m not talking illegal ones, but all content that you would have had access to previously.  I don’t endorse illegal downloading of copyrighted content, but this is making many skeptical on what direction online security is headed in the near future with other website out there.
  4. Tupac Shakur’s Birthday – On June 16th, a rap legend that was shot down in the street years ago would have celebrated his 41st birthday.  He is still recognized around the world for his art and passion for what he did, and you can actually relive it, either at a Dr. Dre concert or by checking out his holographic video from the Coachella Music Festival.  It’s amazing what we can do with technology these days!
  5. Father’s Day 2012 – Okay, so this doesn’t necessarily count as tech news, but if you didn’t get a chance to see your father on his well-deserved day, try the link above for some kind words or quotes to send him.  I always need to remind myself that no matter what day of the year it is, we should keep in contact with the folks we care about.  Perhaps this could be a great topic to start a blog on?

Again these are just some interesting events that happened over the past few days, and obviously there’s plenty to add to that such as the U.S (and Global) economy and the Greek Elections, but that’s what news websites are for.  I’ll be working on some more blog tips, among other things, over the next few days so there should be plenty to read.  Also, if you came here looking for blogging advice, please check out this post to get you started.  Please subscribe or at least bookmark this blog if you’re intrigued, but otherwise happy reading and enjoy the rest of your week!